2016: A favorable year for the software industry in Argentina

The sector grew not only in sales and dollar exports but also in terms of new jobs. See how the Argentina’s software industry performance during 2016 was.

Argentina's software industry

The software industry in Argentina was one of the fastest to grow in 2016, confirmed recently by the Chamber of Business for Software and Information Services of Argentina ( Cessi  by its acronym in Spanish).

According to this agency, there was an 8.9% increase in new jobs in the sector – which means around 7,000 jobs – as well as a 36.2% increase in sales . Also, an increase of 18.9% in dollar exports stands out.

These positive indicators are aligned with the chamber’s expectations for the end of 2016 and proof, once again, the strong and steady growth of the industry.

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The president of the Cessi, Aníbal Carmona, reported to national media that 85% of entrepreneurs feel optimistic and have positive expectations for 2017 ; however, he says that to keep the industry growing “we must continue on the path of lowering inflation, controlling the fiscal deficit and increasing investment in science, technology, and education”.

Argentina’s software industry: Initiatives to keep growing

Argentina's software industry Aware of the importance of this sector for the economic growth of the country and the international projection of the services industry, as well as facing the high demand of professionals in the area, the Argentinian government launched “ Plan 111 Thousand (site available in Spanish only) with a goal of training 100,000 new programmers, 10,000 professionals and 1,000 entrepreneurs in the next four years.

Thanks to this program, the government seeks to promote training in software development and labor insertion for young people, given the high demand for qualified human talent that this sector requires.

The Minister of Production, Francisco Cabrera, alleged that “more qualified and skilled people are required to contribute their value in the industries that are going to grow the most in the next years in the world and in Argentina”.

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