42 students participated in the first edition of Hexacta Labs 2017

The initiative, which has produced 10 workshops since its inception in 2012, gathered students from the final year of Computer Science and Information Systems majors.

Hexacta Labs Hexacta 2017

With total success, the first edition of Hexacta Labs of 2017 was recently held all four of our offices in Argentina (La Plata, Paraná, Bahía Blanca and Buenos Aires), and brought together 42 students.

Within the Labs, the students had the opportunity to delve into topics such as Object Oriented Programming, Clean Code, introductory .NET and ASP.NET MVC .

All this was done while developing an application on which they put into practice the newly acquired knowledge. All the instructors in the Lab are Hexacta’s architects or technical managers .

A second lab is scheduled for 2017 to be held during the second half of the year.  To date, over 200 students have been able to take advantage of the opportunity these Labs provide .

What are the Hexacta Labs?

Hexacta Labs is an initiative that aims to offer students in the 4th and 5th year of a software engineering major the possibility of complementing their academic training and introducing them to the software development industry and the job market, through a series of practical classes where they can learn the tools and processes used in a real workplace.

Hexacta Labs Hexacta 2017

This is an initiative of Hexacta that aims to contribute to the academic community and continue its commitment to enabling capable young professionals to enter the job market.

In the Labs, Hexacta provides students with technical talks, as well as theoretical and practical training . Also, the context of the Labs allows us to identify high potential individuals which might be a recruiting opportunity. Human Resources professionals guide them through their CV preparation, job interviews, and career planning.

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