“Dale aceptar” program

The aim of the project is to help high school students to discover the benefits and opportunities in the ICT industry.

Accept the challenge program

The Sadosky Foundation , together with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation , organized the Accept the Challenge program to attract high school students to IT careers and to promote the industry among youth in Argentina.

The challenge is a contest of animations and games for which participants don’t need to have programming skills. There are two categories related to 3D Animation and Video Game programming, and participants may register for either one. Once enrolled, they just have to download the program called Alice, which is free and open.

The aim of the project is to help high school students to discover the benefits and opportunities in the ICT industry and also how challenging and interesting this disciplines can be.

All secondary schools students, either from public or private institutions, are invited to participate in this initiative individually or in groups of up to four members.

Hexacta collaborated on the project with two volunteers . Thomas Henseler, architect, taught programming to kids at a school in Ensenada, Buenos Aires. The language used is called Rebecca . The goal was to make them go through a fun experience to reverse the myths about the IT sector and make them learn programming skills unintentionally.

“It was a nice experience and something totally different from other courses I am used to give since the audience was special: high school students without programming backgrounds. I highly recommend everyone to volunteer; it is very important to generate interest among young generations because the future of the industry depends on them”, said Lucas Acosta, volunteer in the program.

He is Technical Manager in Hexacta and volunteered for two trainings conducted in Santa Fe and Rosario in the province of Santa Fe. His idea of participating in these experiences was to be able to reproduce them in schools of Paraná. Currently, together with the people of the Sadosky Foundation, Hexacta is searching for schools and volunteers in Paraná to join the challenge and to dictate trainings there as well.

The deadline to upload the piece is July 15th. Winners will be announced in August and the awards ceremony will take place in September. Some of the awards are play stations 3, TV monitors, cameras and other prizes to the best animations and games developed in Alice.

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