GEMA Project: introducing students to the real working environment

Since early June, Hexacta has started participating in the GEMA Project , which will carry on until September of this year.

GEMA Project: introducing students to the real working environment

The GEMA Project gives a chance to last year of different specialized technical high schools to be introduced to the working world for the first time, helping them to make the transition from high school to a real job as smoothly as possible, and encouraging students to learn more about coding within a software and technology business.

The program´s goal is to place the student in real-job situation environment in order to consolidate, incorporate and extend the skills and knowledge they have already learned.

Twelve students from the Saavedra Technical High School N°21 in Buenos Aires actively participate in this new Hexacta project, which is part of our corporate social responsibility area, better known as “Proyectos Solidarios”.

This school specializes in computer programming and architectural construction, allowing the students to graduate with both degrees as a Master Construction Worker and a Computer Technician.

Given the shortage of graduates in computer information in Argentina, the formal education of a new generation skilled in technology is essential to satisfy the constant increase in the demand of this type of professionals in the business world.

GEMA Project: introducing students to the real working environment

The GEMA Project includes six days of intense theoretical training about coding and computer programming, given by members of our professional team, followed by a final practical challenge to put in practice their new learned skills, receiving aid and professional advice from our team. The project will take place in our offices located in Cañitas, Buenos Aires.

Twelve professionals from Hexacta contribute to the project, offering our future generations this great opportunity to further expand their skills.

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