Hexacta, one of the main sponsors of the Argentinean IT community

Hexacta has recently sponsored two important events within the IT community. The company aims to promote the exchange of experience and continuous learning.

Hexacta, one of the main sponsor of the Argentinean IT community

Hexacta recently sponsored the Agile Open Tour 2010 conference held in Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires Province, on August 7th. The main objective of this event is the training and exchange of experiences and practical techniques related to software development programming with Agile methodology. It was organized by the Technological Alliance of Bahía Blanca.

In addition, Cristian López, head of Hexacta Architecture Team (HAT) represented Hexacta in the Jornadas del Sur which were held in Bahía Blanca from August 10th  to the 16th, in which he delivered three lectures: constructing an Agile environment with Open Source tools , doing unit testing and not die in the attempt, and we are @ author!!

The event theme was centered in the cooperative philosophy, the use of free technologies and the open access to information . The conference gathered students, developers, strategists, technology experts and entrepreneurs involved in the Free Software to exchange ideas, share techniques, discuss and explore technologies.

Finally, Hexacta was one of the main sponsors in the 4th CNEISI (National Congress of Engineering Students in Information Systems) that was held in Santa Fe from August 18th to the 20th. The purpose of this conference is to spread research knowledge and innovation ideas in the systems information engineering community. Santiago Ceria on behalf of Hexacta, delivered the lecture “Will it help me in 20 years what I’m learning today?” which was attended by over 200 students from various universities.

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