Hexacta is again part of the Board of Directors of the CESSI

Last Wednesday 26th the General Assembly was held at the CESSI office where the new board of directors for the period 2011-2012 was elected.

Hexacta is again part of the Board of Directors of the CESSI

Hexacta is represented in the board by Juan Navarro, partner in the company. “I’m very proud that Hexacta continues to be part of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Software and IT Services Companies (CESSI), which has been a pillar in the development of the IT industry in Argentina. More importantly, it has demonstrated a great ability to expand its scope of action beyond the interests of its members and into society as a whole.

“The programs to introduce technology to young adults not enrolled in university degrees or the continuing push for a better and more productive interaction between government, academics and industry are just examples of past accomplishments that will be further expanded in the next two years. I’m glad that Hexacta, as a pioneer in working with partners in the US and Europe , and as one of the leaders in People Care and quality in Software Development in Argentina, will continue to contribute to CESSI and its members”, said  Santiago Ceria from CESSI.

In September 2010, the CESSI Annual Meeting of Members introduced its new Board of Directors and four new companies were included. Hexacta was among them.

The Chamber of Software and Computer Services is a nonprofit organization that gathers companies and regional entities dedicated to the development, production, commercialization and implementation of software and all variants of services throughout Argentina.

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